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Today is December 17th, 2013



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Whether its mobile or desktop, we strive for the highest level of quality to be
accessible across all devices.

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Crafting Unique Web Experiences

Designed with love to drive your content to the masses.

Unique Websites

The internet is growing at an unprescedented rate. Make your site stand out amongst all the rest!

Stunning Graphics

Appearances are always important. It is our mission to make your vision as visually rich as possible!


Bold and vivid imagery is often the driving force behind first impressions. Lets tell a story together!

Modern Code

The world of technology is moving forward at an ever increasing pace. We keep up with current trends!

Stop hiding, and break out into the wild with a bold identity!

Website Design

At Draftmethod, the primary focus is on creating unique and eye catching websites.

Internet Marketing

We help you increase your exposure through SEO, social networking, and other techniques.

Social Connect

Need help breaking into the online community? We can get you started with social media.


Have products to sell? WooCommerce is our commercial platform of choice. Setting it up and using it is a breeze.


Have a project that requires photography? We dabble in it a little, and have a network of trusted photographers.


Looking to stand out? We can design completely customized letterheads, business cards, and brochures.

So What Are You Waiting For?Lets Get Started